Computer games live from the atmospheric density that comes to bear through sound design and music in combination with the images. Our compositions immerse you in your visual world and complete the immersion.

We create your individual sound design, including the exclusive right.


No matter how good the picture is in your YouTube video, if what you have to say cannot be understood optimally in the sound, your video will be clicked away much faster. When it comes to editing and sound processing, we make sure that your tracks meet today’s professional standards.

You are looking for the music that suits your channel. We offer you the individual sound without having to think about copyrights and YouTube restrictions. Our compositions capture your professionalism and bring your content to the community in a targeted way.

We compose and produce your music individually and include the exclusive right to the resulting musical work.


Standing out from the competition on social media platforms is a special challenge. Stand out from the crowd by using your own music. Captivate your audience with our tailor-made compositions that already outline your nature in the trailer.

We compose your corporate identity including the exclusive right to the resulting musical work.